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Our DUO-MOD multi-functional pedestal stand can hold any two Strahman mixing stations, which adds convenience and speed to the cleaning process. It can be permanently installed anywhere there is access to steam, hot and cold water, airline pipes, and where washing equipment and the plant is necessary, providing the user with more flexibility.

  • Rugged construction with a rigid base for permanent mounting
  • Heavy-duty, 55 lbs. of powder-coated stainless steel
  • Supports two Strahman mixing units, front and back-mounted
  • Fits M-5700TG; M-5144TGHE; M-5000TS; M-5000TG; M-144TG; M-750TG; M-750; M-159TG; M-159; M756; and M-156N (all sold separately)
  • Will accommodate units with Soft Seal Piston Valves: angle back entry, globe top entry and ball valves (may require extra fittings)
  • One Year Limited Warranty

Duo-Mod Pedestal Stand is also adaptable for numerous applications beyond mixing units such as mounting instruments, controls and similar equipment or appliances.


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