E-76 and S-76 Series Extension Nozzle

E-76 and S-76 Series Extension Nozzle




The Strahman Extension Nozzle was specially designed for use in the meat packing industry. It includes a standard M-70 water-saving spray nozzle with a three-foot standard stainless steel extension shaft for washing down meat, and for use in other hard-to-reach applications. (Special length extension shafts are available upon request.)

Government approved and industry tested, the Extension Nozzle includes interchangeable heads – one for adjusting the water stream from a steady stream to a fine spray; the other is a chisel head which gives off a fan spray. The extension’s curved head directs spray water in a downward direction, perfect for washing away grease and grime that might drop onto meat from overhead rafters. (Straight extensions are also available up on request.)

Please see the attached spec sheet for additional product specifications.


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