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This attachment to our Mini M-70 spray nozzle is useful in spray-washing the floor and other similar drains to eliminate fruit flies, drain flies and other similar insects in their breeding area. The firm bristle brush loosens the insect eggs, and the forward directing nozzles flush them away. Side ports on the brush rinse piping clean.

The Drain Cleaner tube and fitting are 304 stainless steel, the brush and nozzle is nylon. These materials are Ozonated water compatible and will work well with most detergents and sanitizers. This product is an attachment the complements our HydroSwivel Sweeper to keep your floors and drains spotless!

Supply connection is Female ¾” Garden Hose, so it will connect to any nozzle having a Male ¾” Garden Hose discharge.

Note: Connection on the Mini M-70 is 3/8" Female NPT


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