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While some pre-rinse spray nozzles are designed to save you water (but take twice as long to clean), and others save you time (but waste gallons water), Strahman’s Kwik Clean 3 is the ONLY pre-rinse spray nozzle to give you…

  • Ultra low flow
  • Ultra high-efficiency
  • Long-lasting durability
  • Flexibility and variety
  • 2-year guarantee

This superior spray nozzle is the only low flow nozzle on the market to combine the highest in water savings and time savings, to give you the best possible clean in the shortest amount of time. With several spray patterns as low as 0.91 GPM and clean times under 15 seconds, the Kwik Clean 3 will save you water, labor and TIME. Save over $500 per year in water, sewage, energy and labor costs (compared to the industry standard 1.42 gpm nozzle). Add to that the all stainless steel construction and a 2-year guarantee, this is a reliable, highly durable nozzle that will not let you down, even in the busiest of times in your restaurant kitchen.

The Kwik Clean 3 is EPAct Compliant and is also endorsed by the Green Restaurant Association. It is also a recipient of a 2011 National Restaurant Association Kitchen Innovation Award.

Still don’t believe us? Contact us today, and we would be happy to explain and calculate your potential savings. Upgrade and start saving today!

Combine the Kwik Clean 3 spray nozzle with our Super Reinforced Pre-Rinse hose and our Pivot Pro swivel adapter, and you will have a complete package of superior pre-rinse products to save you hassle, time and money.


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