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Strahman’s new HydroSwivel® Sweeper is a multi-functioning cleaning tool for cleaning virtually any surface! It features all stainless steel and acetal polymer construction, interchangeable tips with varying flow rates, a high-impact thermally protective cover, and comes with a bronze Mini M-70 spray nozzle. Just a few of the sweeper’s applications include pharmaceutical, food processing, dairy, meat processing,
supermarkets, and restaurants. 

Strahman’s HydroSwivel® Sweeper comes with six spray tips, which are all interchangeable for a range of flow rates, and it features a fully articulated patent pending HydroSwivel® joint which provides excellent maneuverability in and under hard-to-reach places. The sweeper uses high-velocity water at normal domestic supply pressures to effectively clean most surfaces with minimal impact. Clean all of your floor surfaces, even those under hard to reach places, with a spray pattern directed to the floor for deep cleaning of grout without over-spray to walls and without the damaging effects of other hi-pressure systems.

Please see the attached spec sheet for additional product specifications.



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