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Anything's possible... just ask!


Q: If I don’t see our application or specifications in your standard product line, does that mean you cannot manufacture it?

A: Anything’s possible… just ask! We can design and fabricate almost anything to meet your specific needs.

Q: How do I purchase from Strahman Valves?

A: For anything you are looking to purchase from Strahman Valves, you can always purchase direct. You can send your inquiry directly by clicking to Request a Quote, or call us at 484-893-5080, and we’d be happy to help. You may also visit our Sales Network page to look for local reps in your area.

Q: If I do not see a representative in my location, who do I contact?

A: You can send your inquiry or question directly by clicking Contact Us or Request a Quote, or call us at 484-893-5080.

Q: Our plant location is in Europe but our engineering is in the USA, can we work with the USA office and have the valve manufactured in Europe?

A: Yes, both our facilities in France and United States are fully staffed with both engineering and manufacturing capabilities. We are able to separate or combine the activities depending on customer requirements and preferences.

Q: How does a sample valve work?

A: There is a Rod inside the valve (called a piston). When a person cranks the valve open, the piston retracts into the valve, it will expose the opening of the outlet, and the process will drain into the valve and will exit though the outlet.

Q: What exactly is a piston extension?

A: We have four standard piston extension sizes: 0", 2", 4", and 6" piston extensions. A 0" piston extension is flush with the valve’s inlet, a 2" piston extension will have the piston exposed 2" past the inlet, 4" piston extension will be 4" past the inlet, and 6" piston extension will be 6" past the inlet. We can customize any piston length down to 1/8". Please contact a Strahman Customer Service Representative for customization options.

Q: What Materials can the valves be constructed of?

A: Our standard is 316 stainless steel, but other options are available. Carbon Steel, Nickle, A20, Hastelloy, Duplex, Monel, and Titanium to name a few.

Q: Is Strahman able to manufacture in non-standard materials?

A: Yes, we manufacture in all kinds of metals and special alloys. If you have a special requirement, please just ask for it.

Q: What type of connections do you offer?

A: We offer either an National Pipe Thread (NPT) connection and a Raised Face ANSI Class Flange. Our NPT valves have Male NPT inlet and a Female NPT outlet. Our Standard Flange pressure classes come in 150#, 300#, and 600#.

Q: My existing valve leaks, how can this be fixed?

A: Most often times the valve’s seal rings are worn. Strahman recommends, depending on the end user’s process, to periodically change the inside seals. It’s an inexpensive fix that will prolong the use of the valve. It is also recommended to have seals on hand for such occasions. If the problem persists, please contact a Strahman Customer Service Representative to help trouble shoot the valve’s problem.  

Q: What is the difference between an M-5000 and M-5700 mixing unit?

A: Many of Strahman’s wash down products are available several different materials of construction. Items may come in either bronze construction (M-5000 unit and M-70 spray nozzle) or stainless steel construction (M-5700 unit and S-70 spray nozzle).

Q: What is the difference between your Extruded hoses and your Premium wrapped?

A: Strahman’s Premium Wrapped hose assemblies are a much heavier duty hose, while the Extruded hose assemblies are more lightweight and flexible.

Anything's possible... just ask!