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"You guys make the best nozzles in the business."

Harvest Ridge Winery/Rebel Seed Cider

Ms. Bowens,

We had met briefly at the NRA show in Chicago. You had kindly offered to have our pre-rinse sprayer fixed/replaced, which you did. I have been remiss in expressing my gratitude because your business cards was misplaced during our move. It has been found.

Therefore, thank you for going the extra mile to help us and reinforce the integrity of Strahman Valves. They are the best because of folks like you!

Greg, Thanks I really appreciate the outstanding service.


I greatly appreciate all of the time and help that you gave me. In fact, I thought about writing all of this even before you had asked for it. The fact that I was able to simply call a number on your website and tell the person who answered the phone that I had a technical question regarding a nozzle is a huge start in the right direction. That person then transferred me to Greg who was so patient and thorough in attempting to diagnose the issue. Being able to contact Greg directly and have him call me directly is such a great customer service touch. Typical customer service people have high turnover and don't know anything. Being that Greg is an engineer with great interpersonal skills who is allowed to speak with customers was so helpful. Thank you Greg for following though to help me with this small issue. I'm sorry to be negative but Greg probably would have done a better job selling the nozzle to me in the first place as well because he actually knows the products and understand the mechanics of a plumbing system. The new Low Flow version works much better for us.

At Keystone Potato Product in Heigns Pa. we produce potato flakes, potato flower and fresh cut potatoes from local growers. We have been featured on Modern Marvels January 28, 2010
Keystone Potatoes have been using Strahman Valves products for more than 5 years. About one and a half years ago a Direct Diffuse Steam Trap was installed, since then another 2. These have been working properly since without issue. They fit in-line and in tight spaces either vertically or horizontally.

We at Keystone Potatoes are pleased with the Direct Diffuse and all the other Strahman Products used at our facility.
Thank You
Mike Sherry Maintenance Supervisor.

The multiple selector process valves (diverter valves) purchased from Strahman Valves and supplied to our company are working properly. The valves are functioning well and have met our expectations with regard to performance and quality. We would recommend Strahman Valves for anyone who has need for such valves.

“We would like to thank you for your quality products. The Strahman nozzles have worked perfectly (as expected) while the competitors’ nozzles are inferior in performance, quality and durability. We have concluded that it is a waste of time and money to use anything but ‘The Best’ – Strahman. Thanks again for making quality equipment we can rely on.”

“We have been using your Spray Nozzles for the 30+ years I’ve been here – the best spray nozzles I’ve ever come across!!!”

“Our dishwasher thanks you! Your nozzles are superior to the ones we have ordered for years. Great pressure makes rinsing a breeze!”

“Thank you for offering parts direct to customers! Makes maintenance and repair a lot easier. Your equipment is known as the gold standard in the industry.”

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Anything's possible... just ask!