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The multiple selector process valves (diverter valves) purchased from Strahman Valves and supplied to our company are working properly. The valves are functioning well and have met our expectations with regard to performance and quality. We would recommend Strahman Valves for anyone who has need for such valves.

“We would like to thank you for your quality products. The Strahman nozzles have worked perfectly (as expected) while the competitors’ nozzles are inferior in performance, quality and durability. We have concluded that it is a waste of time and money to use anything but ‘The Best’ – Strahman. Thanks again for making quality equipment we can rely on.”

“Thank you for offering parts direct to customers! Makes maintenance and repair a lot easier. Your equipment is known as the gold standard in the industry.”

“Our dishwasher thanks you! Your nozzles are superior to the ones we have ordered for years. Great pressure makes rinsing a breeze!”

“We have been using your Spray Nozzles for the 30+ years I’ve been here – the best spray nozzles I’ve ever come across!!!”

“You have great products. Our company purchased a nozzle from your company 30 years ago, and it is still I good working order. Great job, not many companies can say their product has lasted that long and still going.”

“After growing tired of purchasing the same low quality pre-rinse equipment, I was looking for a change and your company provided it. High quality, well-made and long lasting. They more than pay for themselves over time.”

“Not sure anyone in the beer biz doesn’t know who you are. Your reputation for quality and strength precede you.”

“I have been using your equipment for years. It is solid as a rock. I will continue to use it until I can no longer…”

“Love your products, there will never be another brand in my brewery.”

“I have been using Strahman washdown hoses for my entire brewing career. It is the best professional washdown rig you can buy, period. I. have a couple that have been in use for 20 years. Looking forward to 20 more with Strahman…”

“I have been using Strahman spray nozzles for the past 20 years. They pretty much are the industry standard for the brewing industry.”

Client Testimonials

Anything’s possible… just ask!